Lexus RC F introduction on Ascari Racetrack - Photo Report

Where other companies are downsizing their engines, the new Lexus RC F is powered by a big V8. In December, the introduction of this Japanese sports coupé took place at the beautiful Ascari track. Ali Hameed of OnlyLabel was present to make a big photo report of this day full of roaring V8s.


With an engine capacity of five liter, the RC F is a special coupé, probably one of the last naturally aspirated V8 engines. In Germany, every sports model is nowadays fitted with a biturbo to make the car consume less fuel and produce more power. The RC F produces over 450 hp and has a limited top speed of 270 kph. We can’t wait to drive this car ourselves! 

The Lines of the Lexus RC F are aggressive and sharp and that’s also what most of the customers are looking for with a sporty sedan. You want to show that you’re driving something special and powerful. The big grill and big hood give the car a very aggressive look when it shows up in your rearview mirror. The back is just as aggressive with the sharp lines and big diffuser. This is a very powerful looking car. 

Photos by: Ali Hameed. Article Written by: Autogespot -  Karsten