Introduction of the Porsche Macan in Exeter - Photo Report

Worldwide, the first Porsche Macans are already registered and at this same moment the first presentations of this model are given at the local Porsche dealerships. Ali Hameed visited the introduction of the Porsche Macan at the Porsche Center in Exeter in the United Kingdom.

The Macan is just a bit smaller than the Cayenne. The car is fifteen centimeters shorter, almost just as wide and eight centimeters lower. These measurements make the Macan a powerful looking sports SUV. With the introduction of this Porsche in the compact SUV segment, the Macan is the most sporty version in this segment. Porsche offers three versions of the car, a diesel and two gasoline versions of which the Turbo is the top of the range model producing up to 400 hp.

The Macan shares the segment with the Audi Q5 but the car is perfected and drives like a true Porsche. Later, two other versions will be added, a four-cylinder engine and the more sporty Porsche Macan GTS. The Macan will be a big success for Porsche, that’s for sure! 

Author: Karsten Photos by Ali Hameed