Land Rover Discovery Sport. Matford Land Rover South West Launch.

Land Rover Discovery Sport. The new SUV will replace the Freelander and is promising to be a massive step up in the world of entry-level luxury off-roaders.

Matford Land Rover invited their customers to come to the dealership and have a hands on feel of the new Discovery. On show there was the range of models from the Discovery Sport SE to the full kitted HSE Luxury with the added Black Design Pack. The Black Design Pack includes  the following changes: Santorini Black contrast roof, Narvik Black grille, fender vents and mirror caps with Black DISCOVERY bonnet script, tailgate badging and 20 inch Style 511 Gloss Black alloy wheels.

Key features include: Autonomous Emergency Braking. Parallel Park, Parking Exit and Perpendicular Parking. Pedestrian Protection System. Adaptive Xenon Headlamps. Panoramic Roof and a Powered Tailgate to name a few. (Full List available online)

After months and months of rigorous testing all around the world, the Land Rover Discovery Sport has launched and is ready for the first customer orders. To help ensure the new Discovery Sport is a true game-changer, it has been tested all around the globe.

When recently discussing the testing schedule of the car, Land Rover programme director Murray Dietsch said, “Discovery Sport prototypes have covered approximately 750,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers) during the testing phase, in some of the world’s harshest and most challenging terrains and climates.

“A total of 181 prototype vehicles were built, completing over 11,000 tests over their lifetimes around the globe, ensuring total confidence in the robustness of build and design of the vehicles,” he said.

During testing, Land Rover Discovery Sport prototypes have been taken to some of the world’s harshest destinations with testing temperatures ranging from a bitterly cold -36 degrees Celsius all the way up to 42 degrees Celsius. What’s more, Land Rover has been feverishly testing the off-road capabilities of the Discovery Sport to ensure it is worthy of wearing the Land Rover badge. Some of these tests have included wading through water up to 0.6 metres high while climbing 40 degree slopes and dropping down 45 degree hills.

It is believed that the new Land Rover Discovery Sport will utilise a modified version of the Range Rover Evoque’s platform. Additionally, it will be the first new Land Rover to take design inspiration from the concept presented at the New York Motor Show and consequently feature many of the groundbreaking technologies from that concept.

Matford Land Rover are providing finance starting from £299 per month. For more information or to request a test drive please follow: 

Lexus RC F introduction on Ascari Racetrack - Photo Report

Where other companies are downsizing their engines, the new Lexus RC F is powered by a big V8. In December, the introduction of this Japanese sports coupé took place at the beautiful Ascari track. Ali Hameed of OnlyLabel was present to make a big photo report of this day full of roaring V8s.


With an engine capacity of five liter, the RC F is a special coupé, probably one of the last naturally aspirated V8 engines. In Germany, every sports model is nowadays fitted with a biturbo to make the car consume less fuel and produce more power. The RC F produces over 450 hp and has a limited top speed of 270 kph. We can’t wait to drive this car ourselves! 

The Lines of the Lexus RC F are aggressive and sharp and that’s also what most of the customers are looking for with a sporty sedan. You want to show that you’re driving something special and powerful. The big grill and big hood give the car a very aggressive look when it shows up in your rearview mirror. The back is just as aggressive with the sharp lines and big diffuser. This is a very powerful looking car. 

Photos by: Ali Hameed. Article Written by: Autogespot -  Karsten

Introduction of the Porsche Macan in Exeter - Photo Report

Worldwide, the first Porsche Macans are already registered and at this same moment the first presentations of this model are given at the local Porsche dealerships. Ali Hameed visited the introduction of the Porsche Macan at the Porsche Center in Exeter in the United Kingdom.

The Macan is just a bit smaller than the Cayenne. The car is fifteen centimeters shorter, almost just as wide and eight centimeters lower. These measurements make the Macan a powerful looking sports SUV. With the introduction of this Porsche in the compact SUV segment, the Macan is the most sporty version in this segment. Porsche offers three versions of the car, a diesel and two gasoline versions of which the Turbo is the top of the range model producing up to 400 hp.

The Macan shares the segment with the Audi Q5 but the car is perfected and drives like a true Porsche. Later, two other versions will be added, a four-cylinder engine and the more sporty Porsche Macan GTS. The Macan will be a big success for Porsche, that’s for sure! 

Author: Karsten Photos by Ali Hameed

Ferrari 458 Speciale Debuts in the U.K

The 2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale was recently officially launched in the U.K. at a private event held by Ferrari at Carrs Ferrari and Maserati in Exeter, Devon.

A selection of just 100 handpicked Ferrari customers were picked to attend the event and Only Label (Diamond Dice) was able to capture the following images from the event! 

As a reminder, the Ferrari 458 Speciale features a modified variant of the regular 458 Italia’s 4.5-liter V8 engine. In Speciale guise, it delivers a total of 597hp and 398lb-ft of torque thus making it the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine ever produced by Ferrari. What’s more, Ferrari claims that thanks to it delivering 133hp per liter, it has the highest ever per liter output of a road-going naturally aspirated engine. Maximum power is achieved at 9000rpm while max torque is reached at 6000rpm.

The Ferrari 458 Speciale tips the scales at just 1290kg and Ferrari consequently claims a sprint time to 100km/h in just 3 seconds and the car can then hit 200km/h in just 9.1 seconds. What’s more, Ferrari claims that the Ferrari 458 Speciale can sprint around the Fiorano test track in just 1:23.5 seconds thus making it 1.5 seconds faster than the standard car and just .5 seconds slower than the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.