Carbon FIber Diffuser CLS Money Clip

About Our Shop and Carbon Fiber

Only Label - Only Carbon was built on the love for pure carbon fiber and passion for the automotive industry.

There are a lot of materials to make luxury products from, Carbon Fiber is perhaps the most exotic. Expensive, light and strong, it's only found as standard on short-run, high-performance Supercars and Private Jets, although it's pretty widespread in the after market. Race exhausts, bodywork, brackets and even wheels can be made from the gorgeous black weave, and if you have the cash required, it will repay you in reduced weight, higher stiffness and increased performance. Carbon Fiber is the backbone of lightweight composites and is 5 times stronger than steel of the same size. Only Label are currently the only manufactures and sellers in the UK, Europe and Asia for Pure Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber Luxury Accessories.

Only the finest materials are selected and hand finished by skilled staff. Our highly trained staff scrutinize every detail to ensure that we continue to meet the most extreme quality standards and deliver the best designs.

Boutique Accessories

We like everything different. We like to have something special. We all know that Carbon Fiber is only found in High End or Exotic Cars and Planes. At Only Label we want to bring you carbon to your daily life to match your other luxury products. 

Unparalleled Style

All our items have had countless hours of design and testing to make them to the highest specification possible. We don't produce anything with our name on it unless we know it is the best. All our products are of the same quality carbon fiber as you would find on exotic cars and jet planes. If you have anything in mind, we can produce it as we manufacture our own products.